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Inkygoodness: Papergirl Birmingham

Papergirl Birmingham finished last week on the 28th April. The traditional bike ride distribution took place on a drizzly Saturday afternoon. A troop of 20 eager cyclists gathered at the Mailbox to decorate their bikes with flags and ribbons before setting off around the city armed with rolls of free Papergirl Birmingham Artwork. Decending upon a suspicious and nervous audience the people of Birmingham were at first - sceptical. But feedback since on the Papergirl Birmingham facebook page suggests otherwise. After opening the lovingly wrapped roll of artwork it seems cold hearts where melted. Aww.

Photography: Kate Ward

Photography: Kate Ward

Lovely feedback from Jan Mathiesen :)

- - - -
"I was looking the other way when I heard these words 'would you like to recieve free art'? .. We were walking past the Urban Village. Within moments, into my hand was placed a ribbion bound roll of artwork by a lady on a cycle accompanied by several others. One taking photo's, I was a bit suprized and I said thank you so much! In truth I was a bit s...tumped for words... But me and my partner Sharon walked on afterwards not really knowing what the roll contained...

I later unrolled the carefully packed artwork and was delighted with the contents, and I mean truly delighted. What a wonderful gesture and idea. And brilliant work within! I'd never even heard of Papergirl before so naturally I was enthralled by this random intervention. Thank you so much sincerely all the contributors.

My name is Jan, please, by all means add me on FB. I am a humble digital artist and graphic designer going on over 25 years in the industry. Each piece will be framed and proudly displayed in my hallway as soon as we are done re-decorating it. I'd love to send photo's when done.

Please, each and every one of you, keep on doing what you're doing and accept my sincerest gratitude for this wonderful addition to my collection. If I can support you actively in any way don't hesitate to talk to me, email me, twitter me (@mox3d). It would be an honour to hear from any of you kind folks.
Love you all :)



The official Papergirl Birmingham video will be released soon. A huge thanks to Kate Grundy for organising the whole thing from call for submissions, to exhibition, to opening night, to film screening, pots of tea, flags for the bikes, the distribution and more....


To keep up to date with Papergirl Birmingham follow them on the social scene.

Papergirl Birmingham site

Papergirl Birmingham facebook

Papergirl Birmingham twitter


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