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British Design 1948-2012 Innovation in the Modern Age

Whether it’s down to Liz’s Diamond Jubilee knees up, or the eccentric 2012 Olympics, or even the new underground trains we can’t help to admire, there seems to be an air of British-ness surrounding the country. Particularly in our nations capital, where our amazing Institutions never fail to lure us in with something shiny and new, or to encourage us to look at something old in a new light. One of the most compelling exhibitions that recently opened up is at our very own Victoria and Albert Museum – “British Design 1948-2012 Innovation in the Modern Age”.

This is by far one of the most interesting and beautiful exhibitions that the V&A have explored, taking the space of the main special exhibition rooms, this array of unique British design is both innovative and interesting. It perhaps made me feel a slight ‘twinge’ of pride to be from such a rich design culture.

Covering objects from street signs, to The Beetles, Lara Croft, or the Concorde, this exhibition surely has something for everyone. Sprouting from a post war era, to today’s modern age it’s clear that our country’s designers have never been afraid to lighten the mood, encourage beautiful design and function to work together, and develop existing concepts to something so beyond what you or I could comprehend.

Just walk through the rooms and it makes you look into things you would never consider, like how our road signs lead to the creation of a new typeface, or that one of ‘our lads’ invented a kind of 3 minute mirror/photograph (yes, this exists, and you won’t even believe me if I told you how it works).

So despite the ticket prices being slightly expensive (£12 Adults/ £8 Students/children) you should definitely not miss out on this incredible experience.

Exhibition is on display until 12th August 2012.


Danielle-Louise Watt

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04/23/2012 - 23:34

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04/23/2012 - 23:45

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