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Euro 2012: When Indie Plays Football...

With the Euros in full swing and England all set to take on the French this evening, us music fans are always at something of a crossroads at these footballing times. What possibly can soundtrack the feelings of elation, devastation and utter incredulity besides the usual uplifting tosh (and Sigur Ros) churned out by BBC and ITV over every highlights reel post game. Well, we here at Middleboop have done some digging to find you the best indie and alt tracks to blare out over the terraces...

Every Defeat A Divorce (Three Lions) by Los Campesinos!

The Welsh indie popsters stir up those bitter yet familiar feelings of loss and distress that come about every time England crash out of a tournament, often in those shoot-off scenarios, and compares the whole depressing shebang to a break up. Surprisingly similar…

Vaya Vaya Mexico by Standard Fare

Created as part of an Indiecater Records project for the 2010 World Cup where 32 indie and alternative acts chose a different country participating and wrote a song with them in mind. This was Standard Fares superb ‘Sheffield-based indie pop via South American spirit’ effort.

Theme From Sparta FC by The Fall

Of course Mark E Smith was going to write a song about football. And of course it was going to be a bit nuts and take potshots at various aspects of footballing culture. And of course it was going to be so damn good that it was the Final Score theme for many years.

Boy Done Good by Bill Bragg (& Johnny Marr)

Two icons of the alt music scene came together to create a gorgeous little ditty that uses football to set up the story of a simple man in love. It’s a beautiful game…

Kickabout by Teenage Fanclub

A spritely bit of indie jaunt that uses a merry sample to incite the sort of joyous merriment that comes about from a quick, friendly, spontaneous kickabout between friends or strangers. Used during BBC coverage of various sporting events as well as Glastonbury.

World in Motion by New Order

John. Barnes. Rap. Nuff said…

Three Lions by Baddiel & Skinner & Lightning Seeds

The song that everyone will be singing in anticipation every time England enter a major tournament for the next bazillion years. Start belting it out, loudly and proudly, quickly, before the hope fades…

The Footie Song by Adam & Joe

And something a little different from the genius duo that is Adam Buxton and Joe Cornish. This should be the official anthem of every football team ever. 



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06/11/2012 - 10:24

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